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What To Do If A Car Drives Into Your House?

Published by 911 Restoration Las Vegas on September 22, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

Although it is not an uncommon accident, a car crashing into your home can cause serious damage to the homeowner and driver. It’s not as common as it seems.


What happens if a car crashes into your house?

The driver is responsible if a car crashes into your property such as your mailbox, home, fence or house. They are liable for any damage . Many states require that drivers have at least some coverage for property damage liability on their auto policies. This coverage can help you pay for damage to your property or home. If their insurance does not cover all the repairs, homeowner’s insurance could cover the costs. Vehicle damage is usually covered by standard homeowners insurance policies.


What repairs do I need after a car crashes into my house?

911 Restoration of Las Vegas will restore your home to its original state, but we can help you understand any insurance policies.

There are two types of insurance you should consider: home and car insurance. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision about policies, coverage and claims. Here are the steps for what to do if a car crashes into your home.


Auto Insurance Policy

Most cases will see a car crash into your home, mailbox, fence or cause damage to your property. In an insurance claim, the driver responsible would be responsible for any damages caused by the collision. Many states require that drivers have minimum property damage liability coverage. Auto insurance should provide coverage for property damage up to a certain limit.

If the damage exceeds $10,000 and the collision coverage is limited to $20,000, then the insurance will cover the full amount. But what if the damage exceeds the $20,000 limit?


Homeowners insurance coverage

Your homeowners insurance policy will pay for additional damages if the damage is more costly than what the property damage covers. Your home may be damaged by vehicles as part of a standard home insurance policy. It is important to check with an insurance professional what your policy covers. Also, make sure you include vehicles in your policy.


What if you were the driver?

If you were the driver at the time of an accident, those same rules should apply. However, your auto policy may not cover damages to your vehicle, and your homeowner’s policy may provide coverage for damages to your home.

You should carefully read your policies to make sure you understand what coverage is available. Contact your agent right away after an accident.


Deductibles for Claims

If homeowner’s policies have high deductibles, a professional estimater will evaluate the damage and determine if it is worth filing a claim.

You will have to claim from both your car and home policies if you cause the damage. This will result in higher deductibles. You may not need to pay both the deductibles if you have the same insurance for your car and your home. Before making a decision about whether to file a claims or pay out-of-pocket for repairs, it is important to weigh all options.


What happens if the driver is not insured?

If you are the victim of a car accident that causes damage to your property, and the driver doesn’t have insurance, you might have no other choice than to file a claim against your insurer. The homeowner’s insurance will also be affected by this. This is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. You will still have to pay the deductible for your repairs. You can speak with a lawyer to determine if you should sue the driver.


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Now that you are more familiar with what to do if a car crashes into a house, call 911 Restoration of Las Vegas for restoration and repair services. We can provide emergency services 24/7 and can begin with tarping or boarding immediately. 

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