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Water Damage Las Vegas

Water damage in the desert of Las Vegas may seem impossible, until you look underneath your sink. Our water damage Las Vegas professionals have over 35 years of experience in water removal so 911 Restoration of Las Vegas knows that plumbing is one of the biggest factors to destroy a home. Floods can come from a variety of sources, from storms to sewage backup, and one of the worst places they can hit is inside a crowded building full of tourists. If there ever was a tourist destination, it is the Las Vegas strip. With so many hotel options, owners want good reviews, and one bad review about a toilet overflow could be enough to lose business. It is advised that all business owners take advantage of our free inspection to avoid this messy scenario. If a pipe burst or ruptured hoses floods your property and you need water damage restoration, or if you want to prevent such a disgusting disaster, call our water damage Las Vegas company.

How do I Prevent Water Damage?

Disaster-Restoration-Expert-Cleaning-Carpet-After-FloodingIf you want to prevent water damage, as any rational human being would, you need to get your hands dirty or call our water damage Las Vegas specialists to do it for you. Start by cleaning your gutters because it is an easy thing to do and can be added to your set of chores. The best way to avoid sewage backup is to install a sewage back flow valve, which you are definitely going to want our help for. Our water damage Las Vegas crew always takes these preventative steps when helping customers just like you save their home:

  • Clean your downspouts
  • Check your sump pumps
  • Inspect your plumbing
  • Test your main water line
  • Utilize a sewage back flow valve

Far too many times we have seen a lack of maintenance turn into a disaster. Cleaning your downspouts avoids damage from the place no one expects: rainstorms. We had an elderly woman who had no idea her gutters were filled with leaves until rain leaks appeared in her roof. Our water damage crew arrived there as soon as possible. The leaks were so severe we jumped into action mid-storm and had that bad boy sealed up before the ordeal was over. Check your downspouts. Even a small leak in your plumbing can lead to a pipe burst pumping water into your crawl space, so you are also going to want us to test your water line. A small leak becomes a big problem fast. Let us fix it for you before a washer burst ruins your home. If you do end up with floods grab your sump pumps and start vacuuming up the area right after you contact us. We respond within 45 minutes, but you can mitigate the disaster faster. Not only do we give you a free inspection that checks everything, we go so far as to provide an affordable price on any water extractions or repairs that are needed, so call us today!

Is Water Removal Affordable?

Finished Basement Water Damage From FloodingWater removal is affordable if you act quickly and choose our water damage Las Vegas operatives who are capable of all disaster restoration services. When floods occur there a number of other problems that surround the situation. Mold can sprout after leaks go on long enough, so 911 Restoration of Las Vegas is proud to offer water removal, mold removal, and even odor removal. Having all of these services under one roof means you pay a single affordable price for the entire drying and clean up process. We cannot tell you how many times we have arrived on scene to find wildly out of control ruptured hoses drenching everything in heaps of water, only to clean it up and find a mold infestation underneath. When we find floods, we find mold, end of story. When you need water removal, you need mold remediation, that’s just the nature of the beast. Save your house, save your family, save yourself from the ugly reality of leaks, with out help. Water damage has been the third most common insurance claim since 2009, according to the Insurance Information Institute, so make sure you are prepared when it happens to you. Give our water damage technicians a call when you have a toilet overflow and we will start water removal with the latest drying technology!

Who do I Call when I have a Toilet Overflow?

Water Damage Las VegasWhen you have a toilet overflow call our water damage Las Vegas specialists for same day service and vacate the premises because black water could be present. This type of category 3 returning water is deadly and filled with E. Coli, which smells terrible and spreads disease. We respond within 45 minutes and are available 24/7 to save your home from this deadly disaster as soon as it happens, and trust us, it ain’t pretty. When know how terrible things will look when  Call our water damage Las Vegas staff when you need water removal.

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