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Identifying Water Damage In Your Home: 5 Key Signs

Published by 911 Restoration Las Vegas on January 31, 2023 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is most evident in dark spots, water stains, and peeling paint. If there is a lot of water damage, it can be difficult to spot the signs. Hidden water leaks can lead to mold growth, unpleasant odors, and even death. However, structural damage can be caused by flooding, major plumbing leaks, and other catastrophic failures. This article will explain what water damage looks like and tell you if it’s new or old.


What Are The Signs Of Water Damage In Your Home?
The first step to preventing water damage is knowing what to look for. To avoid water damage, make sure to inspect your home every few months. These signs are common and should not be ignored if you want to prevent further structural damage.

  1. Water spots or dark spots
Do you notice dark water spots on your skin or yellowish water marks? These signs could indicate that you have water leaks. These signs are often caused by slow plumbing leaks. These drips may occur after you flush the toilet or use the faucet. You should inspect for water spots or dark spots on carpeting, walls, and ceilings. Dark water spots are the most damaging. Older damage can be indicated by yellowish, brown, or chalky stains.
  2. Bubbling, peeling or cracking walls and ceilings
Are your walls or ceilings bubbling or cracking? This is a sign that your walls are saturated with moisture. It is usually a sign that the walls have become wet if the paint starts to peel or bubble. Cracks can develop when the walls are repeatedly wetened or dried out. Although humidity and condensation can lead to bubbling paint, most often it is caused by water leaks. Water leaks should be checked in the roof, siding, plumbing and roofing.
  3. Mold Growth
Concerned about mold growth in your ceilings, walls, flooring, cabinets, and floors? Mold can grow anywhere there is water. Mold can form a white, blotchy or powdery stain. It can also become fuzzy over time. Although bleach can be used to clean mold, it will return until you address the water problem. Although black mold is the most prevalent, you can find mold in other colors. Despite the sensational stories of some molds, all molds pose the exact same health threat. Molds can be destructive to your home and cause major health problems.
  4. Musty or damp smells
Do you smell damp or moldy? Musty odors are another sign of water damage. A musty odor can be caused by water damage. It is similar to the smell of cardboard or newspaper. The most affected area is the one with the strongest odor. Does it smell like rain? There may be an external problem. Examine your roof, siding and foundation. If the smell persists it could be a sign of plumbing leakage.
  5. Water bills are higher
Water bills can fluctuate from month to month, but an increase in your bill may indicate a problem. An abrupt increase in your water bills could cause serious damage. An unexplained and steady increase in water bills is a sign of trouble. Leakages in plumbing are often small at the beginning, but they can become more severe over time. Take a look at bills over three to six months. While they will fluctuate, you should be able to see an upward trend in your bills. You can think about things like kids returning to college, parties or gatherings, holiday visitors, and watering your yard. If you cannot account for the increase, be aware of other signs of damage.

How do you check for water damage?
It is simple to spot water damage. You don’t need any special tools to find water damage. All you need is your eyes and hands, as well as some time. Check your home for water damage. If you see dark spots or stains, touch the area to determine if there is any water damage. You may notice a damp or spongy surface. Sometimes it is more difficult to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Call a water restoration company if you’re unable to locate the source. They have the training and equipment to find the problem and restore your house.

What does water damage look like?
In most cases, water damage can appear as dark spots or yellowish brown marks. This is particularly true for walls and ceilings. Wall paint and wallpaper can eventually fall off, and drywall can crack or crumble. Carpeting and fabric are darker when wet than when dry. Although it may look lighter or have a more white stain, it will still be darker once it is wet. Carpeting and fabric can sometimes begin to fade or fall apart. Wet wood or composite materials like cabinets and flooring can cause swelling or warping. Stains can appear dark or light depending on their circumstances. Finishes woods may lose their luster or shine. These are the things you should be looking out for when checking for damage.

  • Ceilings and walls covered with yellow or brown spots
  • Walls that have cracks, bowed or are warped
  • Hard spots on cabinets, floors, or walls
  • Paint peeling off or bubbling
  • Visible mold
  • Unexpectedly humid areas
  • Discolored spots

How can you tell if water damage has occurred recently?

You can tell if the damage has occurred in the past or the present by the size and extent of it. Older damage tends to be darker and more yellowish-brown. Newer damage is typically darker.


How long does it take for water damage to appear?

Water damage can take up to 24 hours to show its effects. Water damage can be easy to overlook. This is especially true for wall, cabinet, and dark corners damage.

What do I do if there are signs of water damage in my home?

It is imperative to immediately begin water damage restoration. If a water problem isn’t addressed quickly, it can lead to serious consequences, regardless of how small or large. If you delay in addressing a water problem, there is a greater chance of mold, smells, and structural problems. To avoid costly repairs, it is better to start immediately. It is natural to worry about the cost of repairs. It will only make matters worse. Water damage repair costs depend on several factors. These include the size and location of the leak, the material used, and the extent and severity of the damage.

Water Restoration Services that are reliable and quick
If you notice any of the signs, please contact 911 Restoration of Las Vegas right away. We can provide water removal, drying and repair services. Our emergency service is available 24 hours a days. We know how important it is to protect your family and ensure safety during floods or leaks. We provide affordable pricing and a quick response time of 45 minutes. Call us to schedule a complimentary visual inspection by our water damages restoration specialists.

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