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Disaster Restoration Services and Increased Weather Activity

Published by 911 Restoration Las Vegas on April 13, 2022 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Read on to find the role of water damage restoration services in extreme weather events!The disaster risk associated with extreme climatic events poses a constant challenge to disaster restoration services. Everyone must reflect on the weather information to reduce the possible fire or water damage risks.

Scientists have warned to expect more weather events this year, possibly worse. Soaring temperatures, torrential rains, floods, forest fires, etc., are intensifying and multiplying worldwide. This increase in such events is leading to massive human and material damage.

Here’s our explanation of the connection between the increased weather activity and restoration services and you!


Disaster Restoration Services and Weather Events

The fight against global warming is a priority. For several years now, climate change has directly affected the lives of millions of people. Every additional fraction of a degree counts.

Heatwaves, hurricanes and floods sadly make the news regularly. They cause significant human and material disasters in fire and water damage and other disasters. The increase in such events requires disaster restoration services to equip and train their teams.

According to the 2022 Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), two main climate-related risks are facing us:

  • The inability of businesses and governments to carry out climate change action or mitigation measures.
  • The damages resulting from extreme weather events and their frequency. 

Every year, the number of weather events is increasing, risking human life, damaging ecosystems and destroying property.

What Disaster Restoration Services and Increased Weather Activity Mean to You?

If you’re located in an area prone to other natural disasters, such as floods, wildfires, storms or earthquakes, you can reduce the risks. Remember that solutions exist.

You can consider the following strategies to limit the damage in a natural disaster, for example, a flood. In particular, you can take advantage of your work (post disaster repair, renovation, energy optimization, etc.) to consider the flood risk.

  • Build new construction to keep your property out of reach of water or above the highest known water level. In a flood lower than or equal to the reference flood, your home will remain dry!
  • Waterproofing the openings of your home, such as basements, is a way to block all the water routes. You can use anti-flooding systems such as cofferdams for doors for waterproofing. 
  • These devices do not prevent water from entering if the duration of the flood is greater than 48 hours.
  • Limit the damage caused by the flood by taking the necessary measures. For example, buried rooms, such as a cellar, can limit the damage inside the building due to excessive pressure on the exterior walls. 
  • You can take advantage of your home improvement plans to factor in the risk of flooding. Indeed, to reduce your house’s vulnerability to major floods, you can undertake certain works.
  • You must take anticipatory measures to avoid the damage as much as possible, such as raising electrical and household appliances or using suitable materials (metal or PVC.).

Other measures may include:

  • Install sealing devices and backflow prevention devices
  • Put sensitive equipment out of the water (heating equipment, electrical equipment and installation, etc.),
  • Put the vents out of the water,
  • Choose strong and durable materials.

Increased Weather Activity and Restoration Services

As discussed above, increased weather activity presents a constant challenge to disaster restoration services. It requires them to train and equip themselves with the latest technology and strong disaster recovery techniques.

The disaster repair teams must be IICRC-certified and trained to intervene timely after extreme weather to repair damaged properties and implement preventive measures. They must be trained to handle your premises’ cleanup and water damage repair.

They must train and educate their staff on the specific know-how in disaster response management. Whether you have suffered water or fire damage, the disaster restoration services must intervene quickly. They must adapt to the nature of the incident, setting up the entire operation.

Some companies offering disaster repair services near you may be in direct contact with insurance companies. Hiring such a company guarantees your property safety.

Water Damage Las Vegas!

We hope the information above has helped you understand what it means to be at risk of increased weather events. If you’re faced with Water Damage in Las Vegas and looking for disaster restoration near you, contact 911 Restoration of Las Vegas. 

911 Restoration of Las Vegas team has certified and trained professionals offering water damage repair services in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. They have equipped their staff with the latest gear and knowledge of disaster repair. Call (702) 623-0019 or visit their website!

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