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Water Damage Spring Valley

911 Restoration Water Damage Las VegasWater damage is a constant threat to all property owners. Our water damage Spring Valley crew has over 35 years of experience of helping the community and 911 Restoration Las Vegas has always put the customer first. There was a time when a series of plumbing disasters occurred. A toilet overflow flooded one ladies home while a pipe burst utterly destroyed another couple’s apartment. On top of that, two stores in the region were underwater. One had a fire sprinkler malfunction, the other was facing catastrophic plumbing failure. Our water damage Spring Valley teams kept the promise of a 45 minute response time and completed the work as fast and as efficiently as possible. We are dedicated to providing fast, professional solutions to anyone experiencing floods. We are licensed, insured, and bonded when it comes to water damage restoration and always put the customer first. Call us when you have water damage!

Who Do I Call if I Have Water Damage?

Call our water damage Spring Valley experts when you have water damage and we will respond within 45 minutes no matter what. We offer superior disaster restoration services because we value professionalism. When our water damage Spring Valley operatives arrived on scene we helped each one of those unfortunate customers make their property healthy again by:

  • Providing a free inspection
  • Working with all insurance companies
  • Pumping water out right away
  • Starting plumbing repair as soon as possible
  • Restoring lost valuables
  • Assisting in preventative maintenance

Every one of these clients needed us at our best, and we delivered. The free inspection really helped the business with the plumbing failure because we were able to identify right where the problem started and how to fix it. The fact that we work with all insurance companies provided us with the expertise needed to prove that the couples pipe burst did not start from neglect. We made sure their homeowner’s insurance policy covered the water extractions they needed. The woman with the toilet overflow still sends us fruit baskets for the speed with which we got the black water out of her home and the quality of our odor control. That house never smelled better than when we left the property.

The most appreciated aspect of our policies was the preventative maintenance. Teaching people how to clean their gutters, install a sewage back flow valve, and fix plumbing leaks means they can avoid many of these disasters in the future. Our water damage Spring Valley personnel are happy to help anyone experiencing floods, be it from a washer burst, ruptured hoses, or even a water heater problem. Call us when you need water removal or help with understanding what type of water damage your homeowner’s insurance covers.

911 Restoration Water Damage Las VegasWhat Type of Water Damage Is Covered by My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance covers water damage emergencies that started in the building, and our water damage Spring Valley specialists offer an affordable price that will help your even if your insurance refuses to pay out. 911 Restoration Spring Valley provides quality service available 24/7 while working with all insurance companies to make sure your property receives the relief it needs.

In the cases we presented, the woman with the toilet overflow was under the impression her flood insurance would cover the damages. As it turns out, flood insurance helps with rain and storms. Luckily, her homeowner’s insurance provided coverage for clogged plumbing. We had to really go tooth and nail to get the fire sprinkler fiasco covered. This particular job had a mighty high price tag because the entire floor was drenched, including electronic equipment, important documents, and high-end furniture. Despite the insurers efforts to prove otherwise, we showed them it was a fluke accident that set off the disaster.

We respect everyone we work with and keep all parties honest in order to serve you with the best services. This is important because, according to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage is one of the most frequent tragedies to affect buildings. The best way to protect against the negligence claim is to request a free inspection from our water damage Spring Valley technicians at least once a year. Call us when you are searching for the best water damage restoration company and we will provide you with everything you need.

What is the Best Water Damage Restoration Company?

The best water damage restoration company is 911 Restoration because our water damage Spring Valley professionals are dedicated to more than customer satisfaction, we are looking to restore houses in a way that makes them even better than before. The woman with the toilet overflow had us remodel her bathroom afterward from a half bath to a full with tub and shower. We replaced her vanity and set her up with a toilet boasting a heated seat.The office that last an entire floor in the fire sprinkler event enjoyed a new fung shui in their office after we rearranged the walls and offices to be more aesthetically pleasing. While the couple who fell victim to the pipe burst could not remodel their apartment, they did lose some personnel belongings that we were able to restore or replace.

We know it’s the little things that matter when it comes to property damage, so we make sure to accentuate those little things in our drying and clean up services. Our water damage Spring Valley staff is empathetic to your situation and are determined to help Clark County anyway we can. Call us when you need disaster restoration services that bring your home a fresh start.


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