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Mold Removal in The Lakes

Mold typically grows in damp, warm environments. Even though The Lakes has an arid desert climate, people may still find themselves living in mold infested houses. When you discover signs of mold in your home or business, 911 Restoration of Las Vegas will provide you with full-service, mold removal. We offer both residential and commercial mold remediation. Property owners will receive a free visual mold inspection, allowing us to check for both mold and water damage. It is crucial to inspect the premises for water damage during mold removal jobs because the two issues usually go together. 


911 Restoration Water Damage Las VegasIndoor mold can reproduce rapidly. Leaks and floods can cause mold spores to grow with 24 hours, making prompt water damage restoration an integral part of the mold cleanup process.

Mold and mildew grow on areas of the property that you can’t always see. Attics, crawlspaces, air ducts, ceilings, and walls are all places that can house infestations.

We will find and eradicate the entire mold infestation, as well as make all the necessary water damage repairs. By focusing on structural drying and dehumidifying procedures, we can aid in the prevention of future infestations.

You can feel confident that 911 Restoration of Las Vegas will handle every aspect of the mold remediation process. When you work with us, you will be receiving help from a team that cares and understands your needs.

Call the 911 Restoration office when you require mold removal in The Lakes. Our repair techs will provide you with peace of mind by giving you a Fresh Start!

Proper Mold Cleaning Services Includes Water Restoration

Mold likes to live in areas that are not always easily accessible. Due to the speed at which spores can develop, it’s crucial to look for signs that a mold colony is growing in your home or business.

911 Restoration Mold Removal Las Vegas

By staying aware of non-visual indications, you can still catch an infestation while it’s in the early stages. Musty odors, water damage to wood structures, and allergy symptoms are all marks of a mold problem.

When water damage is present, the chances of mold forming on the property go way up. To ensure a full recovery, 911 Restoration of Las Vegas offers both water restoration and mold cleanup in The Lakes.

Even a minor leak under a sink can create mold in your home or business if it goes unmitigated long enough. Moisture acts as fuel for mold spores, and the only way to stop the infestation is to cut off its water supply.

Through comprehensive restoration methods, our professionals will extract the water and dry and dehumidify the area. Once we repair the water damage, we can focus on killing mold in walls and other surfaces.

Call 911 Restoration of Las Vegas as soon as you notice evidence of mold growth. We will provide you with the water damage and mold restoration services required to give you a full recovery.

Certified Mold Remediation Contractors Who Will Keep You Safe

When receiving mold removal services, it is essential to hire a restoration company that understands the risks involved in handling hazardous spores.


911 Restoration Mold Removal Las VegasSpending time in a home or business with mold can have a significant impact on your health. At 911 Restoration of Las Vegas, your safety is the top priority.

Proper mold cleanup procedures will increase indoor air quality. We will kill airborne mold to minimize any allergy or respiratory issues you may be experiencing.

Although not all mold creates health hazards, our on-site technicians will gather mold samples and send them to a third-party laboratory. Professionals will test the samples to determine the toxicity of the spores.

If we discover that black mold is living on the property, our technicians will take the steps necessary to make the environment as safe as possible. You can trust that we are experts at conducting black mold cleanup.

Once we complete the mold removal services, we guarantee your property will pass the mold clearance test. So, protect yourself from the effects of an infestation and call 911 Restoration of Las Vegas today!

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